Lapel Pin - 10 Pack


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You’re going places, and our Convention of States lapel pin is ready to go with you. Its high-quality design is inlaid in brass, making it perfect for any occasion. 

Wear it to work. Wear it golfing. Wear it on a first date. If your prospective suitor sees it and baulks at your principled stand for liberty — run for the hills. Then thank your trusty lapel pin for saving you from a fate you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy: spending a lifetime accidentally married to a socialist snowflake.

Wear your lapel pin with pride, knowing that 100% of the profits from your purchase go towards fueling the Convention of States movement to rein in the tyrannical power of Washington, D.C. 

  • Dimensions: 0.75” x 1”

  • Raised brass


*This product is made in China, decorated in the USA*