COS Pocket Guide Without Endorsements - 25 Pack


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The Convention of States Pocket Guide is your one-stop resource for all things Article V. This version of the pocket guide does not include our list of notable endorsers. Prefer endorsers included? Click here.

Don't worry, this handy booklet comes packaged in a set of 25 to make sharing with friends and coworkers a breeze!

Contents include...

- Who decides? - A special message from COSA President Mark Meckler
- Article V of the U.S. Constitution
- The Problem - Why Washington won't let go of power
- Overcoming Objections From the Opposition - Cut through the misinformation, get the facts here
- COS Model Application
- Amendments to Consider at a Convention of States
- The COSA organization and growing grassroots movement
- Get Involved in Making History
- Convention of States Petition

100% of proceeds go to Convention of States Action!