COS Car Magnet - 2 Pack

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Inject some activism into your commute.  Apply a couple of car magnets to your ride. You can then share your founding principles with your neighbors as well as those you share lanes with.  These strong magnetic signs can be seen from far away and the QR code is another way for you to gather petitions even when going from A to B.

Made in the USA! 

Size: 12" H x 18" W


Take care of your magnets! Here is the best way to take care of it: 

- Remove the magnetic signs often and wipe down both the magnetic side of the sign as well as the vehicle surface clean of any debris or moisture. Magnetic signs must be removed and cleaned frequently

- If you drive a lot of miles, or are often in dusty conditions or on gravel roads, daily cleaning is recommended. During hot and humid months, it is recommended that the signs be removed and cleaned every day. This keeps moisture from collecting between the magnetic sign and the surface of the vehicle which in turn will prevent any damage from occurring to the vehicle's paint. Cleaning the magnetic signs should consist of simply washing the magnetic side with mild detergent and warm water and then drying with a clean dry cloth. Always remove and inspect your magnetic car signs after a rain or snowfall.