Power to the States (Unisex Tee)

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The last time you let someone make a decision for you, you were a toddler. Your mom decided it was time to transition you to “big boy pants.” Ever since then, you’ve been confidently owning the title of “grown-up”, and have been confidently making decisions for yourself. 

After all, you’re an American. You were granted freedom from birth. 

You sure as heck don’t need some faraway suit in Washington, D.C. making decisions for you and your family. 

You’ve got your head solidly on your shoulders and you’re not afraid to use it. 

The "Power to the States” tee is made right here in the United States of America.  It’s made of a soft, yet durable material that will have you never wanting to take it off. 

*If you like a looser fit, we recommend buying one size up.*

100% of proceeds go to Convention of States Action!